Counselling has undergone major changes in the past 5-10 years. One of these major changes is the fact counselling is now offered online. Couples interested in couples therapy had to show up to the counsellor’s office, but this is no longer true, as a couple can simply login online to join a video therapy session or hook up their cell to have a phone therapy session.


am a Canadian Certified Counsellor based out of Winnipeg specializing in couples therapy and offering this service to couple, both from my Winnipeg office and online via video conferencing – known as online couples counselling.

Of all types of counselling, couples therapy may be the most important and significant type of therapy. This is because your relationship with your spouse is the most influential relationship to your everyday life. By right, every single decision you make, every move you make, every breath you take should include or consider the other.

Your life has to be in union with your spouse, and when it doesn’t, couples grow apart. From this perspective, relationship counselling helps bringing back a sense of harmony and unity between partners. It accomplishes this feat in many ways, including working at detecting and resolving communication problems, identifying power imbalances and controlling patterns, expressing unconscious expectations of each other, dealing with contradicting views on sexuality, and harmonizing differences in parenting.

One of the aims of couples therapy is to break one’s dependency on the other. A couples counsellor achieves this feat by identifying ways each spouse gets hurt, the possibility of hurt existing only in dependency. Located in Winnipeg, I work on this in therapy with couples of all ages, not only in-person, but also online and over-the-phone.

In order to meet the demands of today’s fast pace world, I offer couples counselling in the evening, and on the weekends, not only from my office in Winnipeg and online via video conferencing, but also by phone. It has never been that easy to get access to counselling.


arriage counselling can generally be viewed as a catalyst: Working with a couples counsellor will either improve the status of your relationship or reveal rather quickly that the other person isn’t compatible with you. This is actually one of the reasons why couples in need of therapy often don’t go: They’re afraid of finding out they’re not meant to be together. This resistance points toward another problem that causes ripples and creates conflicts between partners, namely the incapacity of being alone. As such, all relationships have been used by all of us, at some degree or another, to escape aloneness – and not to experience togetherness as they are intended.

As long as the two individuals involved in a relationship haven’t survived the other leaving them, either through separation or death, harmony and peace will continue to elude them. As such, couples counselling aims at empowering each individual involved in the relationship so that they come to a greater sense of self-sufficiency. Part of the work involved in relationship counselling is thus discovering how each partner is unknowingly dependent on the other.

Dependence in a relationship will inevitably surface up as conflicts. This is because dependency makes the other responsible for something that we, and only we can change and have power over, e.g. our fulfillment, our security, our happiness, our destiny, our fears. Thus in making somebody else responsible when we are at cause, our love gets entangled with the other. But true love isn’t conditioned or dependent on anything; it is independent to flow freely, no matter how the other is.

Looking for an effective and insightful therapist offering couples counselling Winnipeg? Only a therapist who is in union with their own spouse can be an efficient marriage counsellor.


he proportion of new marriages projected to end in divorce is between 40 and 50%. It is thus fair to assume that couples experience relationship difficulties and that most would benefit from couples therapy. Unfortunately, most couple in a salvageable relationship don’t access the services they so desperately need. One of the main reasons for this is the stigma around seeing a therapist. This is often associated with the hubris of men, which has difficulty admitting he needs help. A secondary reason is that there are not a lot of skilled couples therapist or couples counsellor out there. A good couples therapist Winnipeg is indeed hard to come across.

Some counsellors may have more experience than me, other therapist may have been through more training, but it does not necessarily do any good to you and your marriage. This is where I come in and add to the field of counselling. Couples trust me with their couples therapy needs because they feel what I’m telling them, not just hear it. And the reason why they feel it in me is because I walk the talk.

Couples counselling, like other kinds of therapy, is an art; the art of transferring what one has come to. As such, becoming a successful couples counselor isn't something that can be learned at school. A counsellor may become a good couples counsellor as they themselves rise to love their own spouse. Having worked through their own relationship difficulties and having dealt with their own selfish patterns, a therapist becomes skillful at identifying relationship blocks in other couples. This is also true for any couples; two individuals can harmoniously live together if they learn the way of love.

Couplehood is a way of being that can be modeled and instructed by someone who walks the talk, but ultimately, it has to be experienced for oneself. One of the ways someone may come to experience a satisfactory union is through a trial and error method. One can imagine that this process takes time. This is why I offer in-person couples counselling and online marriage therapy; to make sure time and space limitations do not hinder with our therapeutic work, which sometimes can spread out over years.

Looking online for a suitable marriage counsellor is like playing online poker; the odds are stacked against you. Whether you reside in Winnipeg or seek a relationship counsellor online, trust a therapist who himself has a satisfying relationship and is in a constantly evolving relationship.


uring our counselling sessions, offered from my office in Winnipeg or online via video conferencing, you’ll learn what it truly means to be in union and to be with another with an open heart.

Couples therapy is traditionally offered from the therapist’s office, but because individuals forming a couple are not necessarily living in the same city or are sometimes constantly traveling for work, in-person couples therapy isn’t always a workable option. This makes it challenging, not only to initiate couples counselling, but to keep working with the same couples counsellor over time. As a solution, more and more counsellor, like myself, are offering couples counselling both in-person and online.

Online couples therapy is rather new, but couples that have tried this type of therapy are unequivocal: Same, if not better therapy results observed. Online therapy is ideal for nomad couples on the go. Ask your counsellor about online marriage therapy today.