Don’t get swayed into pointing the finger at someone else and believing that only your children need counselling services. The centre of the family unit being made up of the dad and mom, family counselling primarily aims at improving that relationship, while making sure everyone benefits and is positively impacted from the services rendered. Seek family counselling services at a family counselling centre in Winnipeg where the lives of all participants, children and parents alike, will improve and be enlightened.


Family counselling is one of the most needed forms of therapy and often the type of services that is least available. Here in Winnipeg, the largest centre of population in Manitoba, where the highest number of family in the province resides, not too many therapists offer family counselling.

It has been said before that the mother is the centre of the family. She can be likened to the sun located at the center of our solar system. Every child is like a planet revolving around the sun, the centre of gravity. As such, the energy of the mother holds the family unit together. The father, on the other hand, establishes boundaries between the family and the outside world. His steadfastness to truth and adherence to rightness creates a safe environment for all members of the family, and makes him the ideal role model. As we can see, if any of these two components fail, the functionality of the family system is lessened and its integrity compromised.

It is important to understand, more so since the turn of the 21st century, that the family unit is under attack left, right, and center. Therefore the stronger the family unit, the more impervious to mass conditioning its members are. As such, a strong family unit is a shield against the lies and deceit of the system we live in. Despite all odds stacked against them, parents who are able to preserve a peaceful, harmonious, and collaborative home climate give their children a real chance to grow a strong and independent nature.

The family services you normally get usually focus on providing counselling to the so-called problematic individual while leaving the family dynamic untouched. The family counselling I provide differs in that all participants get something out of the counselling session.


t is rather difficult to find high quality and cost effective counselling services in Winnipeg, much less family counselling services. Providing family counselling Winnipeg since moving from Québec in March 2013, I not only help families decimated by addictions, divorce, grief, or abuse in regaining a normal life, but also assist strong families in achieving a higher standard of living and quality of life.

Counsellors working at family counselling centres will sometimes try to bring about change in the family by tweaking behaviors of one or many individuals, but the family dynamic does not always get targeted and affected. This is because working at changing the dynamic involves dealing with its centre and most important elements; the mom and the dad. Counsellors tend to shy away from dealing directly with the parents because they don’t always know how to adequately approach them or properly talk about difficult situations or issues without feeling weak or, worse, pretending to be an authority over them.

Too many counsellors will make the children the focus of the counselling process. The bottom line, though, is that a family and its members cannot change and behave differently unless its innermost centre is affected.


o matter how one looks at it, children’s brain chemistry (and the behaviors that develop as a result) is largely a product of their upbringing, current environment, and genetic inheritance. Children are thus mirrors unto their parents. With this being said, children show their parents what they are and what has to change in them. So when you choose me as your family counsellor and purchase my counselling services, you can expect to be shown how you, as a parent, are participating in creating the very behavior you are trying to eradicate in your children.

This may not be a pleasant experience, especially for the ego, but you can expect long-lasting permanent results. Positive outcomes associated with going to family counselling could be measure as higher level of respect between family members, working better as a whole, more peace and harmony in the home, more realistic expectations of each other, and greater patience between family members.