or your relationship counselling needs, may it be in-person from my office in Winnipeg or online anywhere in Canada, my high professionalism and commitment to you ensures you get the best quality couples counselling services in Winnipeg at a most affordable rate.

Your relationship may be the most precious thing you have. Relationship counselling can definitely help preserve what matters most

Whether we meet online or from my office in Winnipeg, in choosing me as your couples counsellor, I can assure you will be getting quality relationship counselling services at a reasonable cost; this is my guarantee.


ELATIONSHIPS! Relationships are at the heart of the human experience: relationships with one’s boss, co-workers, friends, in-laws, parents, children, or spouse. The way you relate with people and the quality of your relationship with them often determines your level of happiness and joy for life. Relationships intrinsically hold the potential for both ecstasy and hell. Unfortunately, the second possibility often becomes reality for most people. Why? Why do relationships often become a point of suffering and a source of hurt? It does not have to be this way.

Relationship as a mirror


ne of the most common downfalls of relationships is forgetting ‘they are a mirror unto oneself.’ Without relationships, it would be impossible to come to see ourselves honestly, as we currently exist. As such, it has been said that relationships are first and foremost a way to get to know oneself. When this basic fact about relationships is missed, everything is missed, and everything goes wrong.

When I fail to take responsibility for what the other is reflecting back to me, I make myself a victim, I become powerless. When I am powerless, I end up feeling that the other has control over me. Then a fight ensues to determine who will prevail and rule the other. That is usually when things get ugly and that couples take a step in the wrong direction. What is left to do under these circumstances is to either attempt to break the mirror or to escape reality through all sorts of addictions. This is often when and where in their relationship couples initiate relationship counselling.

Theory vs. practice - Relationship counselling cannot be conducted by a counsellor who thinks he knows, but only by one who has experienced union


arriage counselling wouldn’t prove necessary if each partner involved in a relationship was strong, courageous, and learned as they went. Strength and courage in a relationship are both essential for one to give with no thoughts of reward – an essential ingredient of union – and to stand alone despite being in a relationship. Unfortunately, these things aren’t innate in oneself; they have to be taught or rather need to be reminded to us by someone who has had some insights into this way of being in relationships.

This is how I add to the field of couples counselling: By doing relationship in an healthy way, I myself model a new way of being with each other that fits the demands of modern times and respects the universal rules of engagement between spouses.

Relationship counselling, like other types of counselling, is an art; the art of transferring what one has come to. Couples trust me with their couples therapy needs and objectives because they feel in me what I’m telling them, not just hear me saying it. Clients feel the truth of what I tell them because I am living it on a daily basis in my continuously growing relationship with my wife.

“I provide relationship counselling services, not only from my office in Winnipeg, but also online via video and over-the-phone. Ideal for those with active lifestyles, busy schedules, or working on the road, my counselling services are tailored for couples wishing to experience greater joy in their relationship with their spouse.”

Searching online to find a marriage counsellor who could be a good fit is like playing online poker; the odds are stacked against you. Whether you reside in Winnipeg or you’d like to meet online, trust a therapist who readily identifies and clears relationship blocks.

Even though the decision to go to marriage counselling may be the most impactful you could make for your relationship, it is not always evident to find the time, resources, and courage to initiate relationship counselling. A healthy relationship is priceless, and relationship counselling may play a significant role in making this a reality.

Whether you live in Winnipeg or have online access at home, get couples counselling for any relationship related issue. Give yourself the flexibility to connect for a counselling session wherever you may reside. Indeed, I offer two types of relationship counselling: in-person relationship counselling Winnipeg and online relationship counselling. Now with online couples therapy, there is no more excuses to delay initiating therapy, as everybody has online access. Book a relationship counselling session today!